Inauguration of the Roman Cistern of 'La Calderona' in Porcuna (Jaén)
11 july 24
Start of work for the Marchena Archaeological Museum
09 july 24
Special mention in the Andalusia Architecture Awards 2024
02 July 24
Published in the new issue of Neutra Magazine N19
19 April 24
Proposal selected for the CSCAE 2024 awards
18 April 24
Santa Clara of Beas in ESPAÑA 2024 AV Monografías 261-262
14 march 24
The AyE 2023 Award for the Porcuna Parish Center
21 april 24
Santa Clara in Beas as interior of the month in Arquitectura Viva
01 february 24
Aníbal González Award for outstanding professional career
27 October 23
Inauguration of Church of Santa Ana
20 october 23
Conference Between static techniques and aesthetic tactics. ETSAG
09 october 23
José Galnares and the Ybarra building in the DOCOMOMO Ibérico
27 September 23
End of year speech for the 2018-23 class
17 July 23
Trazas, trazos, trozos… Parish Center in Scalae.
30 June 23
Interview with Pablo M. Millán Millán in Diario de Sevilla
18 June 23
Conference LA SEPARAZIONE FATALE. Debate around the contemporary intervention of heritage
14 June 23
IUACC quarterly award for best scientific publication
30 april 23
First prize COAS 23' for restoration of the hermitage of Santa Ana in Porcuna
21 april 23
New Neutra Magazine Nº18 COAS 23'
20 april 23
Award of the silver badge of the Official College of Architects of Jaén
18 april 23
First prize COAS 23' for restoration hermitage of Santa Ana of Porcuna
03 april 23
Inauguration of The Teachers of the future exhibition. Craftsmanship and design in Europe
22 March 23
Pablo Millán, María González and Juanjo López together with Fredy Massad invited to the Valentín Madariaga Foundation
21 March 23
The team of Pablo Millán Architects receives the award for the medicine competition
03 March 23
Pablo Millán in ArquiCafés by StepienyBarno
27 January 23
New book
01 January 23
First prize competition for new Medical School
12 December 22
Advance of Roman cistern works. Porcuna
04 November 22
Start of work phase 2 Roman amphitheater of Obulco. Porcuna
21 October 22
End of rehabilitation work on the church of Santa Ana de Porcuna.
17 October 22
Pablo Millán Millán will rehabilitate the Convent of Santa Clara in Seville.
04 October 22
Conference in Palermo
13 July 22
Homes in Quartiere Torre Alta, Cosenza.
05 April 22
Reform Official College of Architects of Seville
09 February 22
Conference in Official College of Architects of Rome
21 December 21
Construction progress on the church of Santa Ana in Porcuna
Primer premio concurso reordenación Plaza de San Marco. Beas de Segura
Nuevo libro
Deambulatio Architectonica II
Nuevo libro
Castillo Beas de Segura
Centro Parroquial
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Avance de obra vivienda entre tapiales. Dos Hermanas
Abitare la Terra
Conferencia sobre patrimonio de Valparaíso (Chile)