Restoration San Antonio de Padua Convent. Sevilla
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Year of construction: 2017

Year of project: 2015

State: Built

Location: Calle San Antonio, 91. Sevilla.

Promoter: Centro de estimulación precoz “Cristo del Buen Fin”

Architect: Pablo M. Millán Millán

Contributors: Juan Montero (Arq. Técnico); Isidro Fernández (Arq. Técnico)


About the transformation of the San Antonio Convent into the “Cristo del Buen Fin” Early Stimulation Center.

The Franciscan friars have ceded the building of the Convent of San Antonio to the “Hermandad del Buen Fin” so that it can have new facilities for the social work that it has been developing with a Center for Early Stimulation.

The project is developed around the vertical of the church of San Antonio. The capable volume is limited by the old convent. The surgical intervention that is carried out generates new spaces in the interstices. A sober, simple and Franciscan architecture will be the set up the new building.