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Restoration Pósito Real de Carlos IV Porcuna (Jaén)

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Year of construction: 2016

Year of project: 2015

State: Built

Location: Plaza de Andalucía, 1. Porcuna (Jaén)

Promoter: Ilustre Ayuntamiento de Porcuna

Architect: Pablo M. Millán Millán

Contributors: Rafael Antonio Saco Montilla (Archaeologist); Rafael Jerez Romera (Technical Architect); Javier Serrano Terrones (Technical Architect); Javier Bengoa Díaz (Engineering)

Builder: Ilustre Ayuntamiento de Porcuna

Photographer: Javier Callejas Sevilla

The project is located in the basement of the current town hall of Porcuna (Jaén). It has its origin in a wheat deposit that was ordered to be built by Carlos IV. After the civil war, given the poor state of the building due to the conflict and within the national plan for devastated regions, José Luis Fernández del Amo intervened in it (1941) adding some new constructions that will remain practically unchanged until today.

Given the character of a wheat warehouse that this building has, the storage level was raised above the natural ground to prevent moisture from reaching the accumulated grain. For this, ventilation chambers were created between the level of the natural terrain and the grain loading level. This will be the place of our intervention. Being a space considered residual, it has been used throughout history for uses without entity, such as jail or warehouse. The project will try to make this secondary place a protagonist through this white marble carpet that contains everything and allows us to see and wander through the rooms.