Restoration of Casa de la Piedra. Porcuna (Jaén)
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Year of construction: 2018

Year of project: 2016

State: Built

Location: Paseo de Jesús s/n. Porcuna (Jaén)

Promoter: Ilustre Ayuntamiento de Porcuna 

Architect: Pablo M. Millán Millán

Contributors: Inmaculada Cervera Montilla (Architect); Rafael Jerez Romera (Technical Architect); Javier Serrano Terrones (Technical Architect); Javier Bengoa Díaz (Engineering); Manuel Porcuna (Installation); Gonzalo Delgado (Construction manager); Erco (Lighting); IASA (Elevators); Cemex (Concrete)

Builder: Ilustre Ayuntamiento de Porcuna

Photographer: Javier Callejas Sevilla

On one side of the Paseo de Jesús stands the “Casa de la Piedra”, a handmade monument made entirely of stone from the Porcuna quarries (Jaén). The author of this work was the local stonemason, Antonio Aguilera Rueda, whom he dedicated 29 years of his life to carry it out. The house was made without any project, only with the logical knowledge developed by a person dedicated to the extraction of stone.

An intervention will be carried out surgically, attending to each of the pathologies in a very specific and timely manner. To do this, numerous additions will be removed it, because the family that inhabited this construction had been adding. After an important job of cleaning and restoring the stone, a sophisticated lighting system will be chosen to bring out all the beauty of the stone crafts. In addition, a system of ramps and stairs will be designed that will allow access and show the stone without touching the stone.