Restoration East wall Apeadero Palacio Ducal. Marchena
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Year of construction: 2022

Year of project: 2021

State: Under construction

Location: Calle Palacio Ducal, 6. Marchena (Sevilla)

Promoter: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Marchena

Architect: Pablo M. Millán Millán

Contributors: Javier Serrano Terrones (Technical Architect); Fernando Amores Carredano (Archaeologist); Alberto Martínez Rubio (Topographer); Cristian Castela González (Architect); Antonio M. Castro Carmona (Architect); David Vera García (Architect)


The emergency intervention for the repair of the East wall of the Apeadero of the Palacio Ducal in Marchena attends to the problems of the partial collapse suffered, as well as the generality of the façade and the back part of it. The action is organized on two fronts: the elimination of decontextualized elements and the replacement of the lost mud wall volume.

After the analysis and with the archaeological study, the elimination of all the elements after the 17th century is contemplated, since they suppose the loss of its original condition as a blind wall. The original gaps remain blinded, because their reopening would suppose a possible collapse. And finally, the volumetry and section of the wall are replaced using the traditional technique of mud wall layers.