Grafitis renacentistas en el monasterio de Santa Clara de la Columna de Belalcázar (Córdoba): análisis gráfico y arquitectónico

Year of publication: 2023

Publication / Magazine title: EGA Expresión gráfica arquitectónica

Type of publication: Article

Article author/s: Pablo M. Millán Millán; Simona Belmondo; María Dolores Robador González

Publication author/s: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Editorial: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Language/s: Spanish; English

ISSN: 1133-6137

The monastery of Santa Clara de la Columna in Belalcázar (Cordoba) is one of the most important examples of Mudejar Gothic in Andalusia. Its poor state of conservation obliged an important intervention of restoration and consolidation to be carried out. During these works, a series of panels of the Mudejar coffered ceilings with hidden paintings, were discovered, which have been subjected to an important material, architectural and graphic study.

This article summarises the multidisciplinary research work that has allowed this Renaissance graffiti to be brought to light and documented, as well as its contextualisation within the artistic logic of the monastery.