Vivienda unifamiliar en Porcuna (Jaén)
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Year of construction: 2019

Year of project: 2018

State: Built

Location: Calle Yerro. 3. Porcuna (Jaén)

Promoter: Privado

Architect: Pablo M. Millán Millán

Contributors: Javier Serrano Terrones (Technical Architect); Salmer técnicos (Engineering)

Builder: José Morente Romero

Photographer: Javier Callejas Sevilla

A house is a patio.

In the tradition of Andalusian domestic architecture, the patio has been the articulating element of all daily life. From the Roman house there was a series of elements that gradually led you to the center of the house, filtering the light and allowing natural ventilation. From the atriums or the peristyles, the interior world was totally separated from an exterior that nothing mattered. This same discourse will be assumed by Almohad domestic architecture in which, as Torres Balbás points out, the exterior is a circumstantial condition to reach the interior, the real world.

This same speech has been assumed in origin in the RB house. Starting from the strictly Roman typology of double impluvium, a simple domestic program has been fitted with no more requirements than large open spaces for daily life. The volumetric recovery of one of these typologies requires the use of a simple architecture, sober of materials, clean. This is the only way to observe the spatial richness that these architectures were able to develop.

All the architecture developed in this typological reconstruction, the patio is the central element and vehicle of the entire domus. All the rooms lead to the patio and the gallery and from there it goes to any side of the house. The impluvium of light is the center. Once again it is the light that builds and qualifies the space.