Competition Military Museum of Ceuta
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Year of construction:

Year of project: 2020

State: Competition. 2nd Prize 

Location: P.º de la Marina Española, 39, 51001 Ceuta

Promoter: Dirección General de Arquitectura, Vivienda y Suelo

Architect: Pablo M. Millán Millán; Gabriel Verd Gallego; Buró 4

Contributors: Javier Serrano Terrones (Technical Architect)


The proposal presented here aims to recover for the new Museum the image that once served as a framework for the warehouse. An environment devoid of obstacles of fortifications that stood along the current Compañía del Mar Street and the north sea front of the Almina of Ceuta.


With the Kaleidoscope (from the Greek kalós: beautiful, éidos: image and scopéo: to observe), we incorporated a somewhat distorted image of reflections of the sky, the sea front, the horizon… as a deformed reference of what that in other times could have been that place and that today we can hardly contemplate…

The proposal considers the need to maintain a spatial and visual protection area around this BIC, strengthening the existing relationship with the fortifications in this area of ​​the Almina. We recover the continuity of the paving of the free space in front of the warehouse as it happened until the end of the s. XIX and highlights the value of the terrace where the old warehouse battery was located. Today it is a perfect place to contemplate the port and understand the relationship that existed between the warehouse and other nearby fortifications.