JIDA’16 IV Jornadas sobre innovación docente en arquitectura
Un cambio de perspectiva: el reto de enseñar en las escuelas de arquitectura con una metodología participativa y creativa

Year of publication: 2016

Publication / Magazine title: IV Jornadas sobre innovación docente en arquitectura. JIDA`16

Type of publication: Lecture

Article author/s: Pablo M. Millán Millán; Julia Rey Pérez

Publication author/s: Universidad politécnica de Valencia

Editorial: Universidad politécnica de Valencia

Language/s: Spanish

ISBN: 978-84-9048-338-1

Modernity has proposed replacing the discourse of architecture by science and technology, but not least is that this discourse has been fragmented by many other knowledge outside the logic of architecture. Raised the counterculture craftsman, an approach that involves establishing a critical positioning based on the analysis time (perspective on immediacy), history (trajectory versus spontaneity) and place (specificity versus generality). It is not giving up anything or limitation established, it is depth knowledge discipline from the immediacy which involves the creation of student classwork. Only in this way will not be diluted in an interdisciplinary discourse. The student, gradually, will choose one, nothing far from reality, a complexity that makes you daily thinking about the place, history and time, but always applied pragmatic complexity.