Entre el sueño del proyecto y la lógica del lugar: la arquitectura imposible de los cerros de Valparaíso

Year of publication: 2016

Publication / Magazine title: RITA- Revista indexada de textos académicos 2016 nº 5

Type of publication: Article

Article author/s: Pablo M. Millán Millán

Publication author/s:

Editorial: RedFundamentos SL

Language/s: Spanish

ISSN: 2340-9711

Valparaiso is the result of the union of two cities in one: the vertical city of hills and city of Plan horizontal –flat–. This dual nature has been forming a duality forced to live together and establish an ongoing dialogue, ending in most cases conflict. If one side is orthogonal global city as a result of European occupation, on the other hand is the dream city clinging to the cliffs outside any preset order. Each of these two cities will roll out its own architecture: a real, standard, typical of any city outskirts and another impossible. It will be the second that evolves in a continuous attempt to adapt and will place himself in charge of rejecting any construction other than her own. This dichotomy will be reflected in numerous projects that were never built. The objective of this article is to show, from numerous discovered unpublished projects in Valparaiso, how architecture designed for the hills never built and gave way to a building halfway between the real and the imaginary, between logic and sleep.