Deambulatio Architectonica
El paseo de la arquitectura

Year of publication: 2015

Publication / Magazine title: Biblio3W Revista bibliográfica de geografía y ciencias sociales. Vol. XX, nº 1.129

Type of publication: Article

Article author/s: Pablo M. Millán Millán

Publication author/s:

Editorial: Universidad de Barcelona

Language/s: Spanish

ISSN: 1138-9796

Only a few cities have had the chance to reflect on themselves and generate a reconstruction project which, learning from the faults of the previous city, faces the future from a contemporary perspective. Valparaíso has been one of them. With the closing of the XIX century, the city was divided as follows: on one hand, noble buildings from the planned city (flat area) and, on the other, slums on hills and cliffs. The earthquake that destroyed it on the 16th of August, 1906, offered a change to establish a new urban genesis. Such a positive feeling after the devastating telluric consequences will be reflected 2 Biblio 3W, vol XX, nº 1.129, 2015 on the different reconstruction projects. The fact of being a city with a harbour granted it a cosmopolitan character spread on the several and varied urban solutions. Such ideas not being developed will be one of the causes of today´s urban fracture.