El BIC zona arqueológica Ibolca-Obulco-Obolcon-Bulkuna-Porcuna: Una realidad en continua tensión

Year of publication: 2015

Publication / Magazine title: Revista PH. Boletín del Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico Vol. 23 (nº 86)

Type of publication: Article

Article author/s: Pablo M. Millán Millán; Pablo J. Casado Millán; Rafael A. Saco Montilla; Fernando E. Salas Herrera

Publication author/s: –

Editorial: Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico

Language/s: Spanish

ISSN: 1136-1867

The replacement of historic buildings in urban areas and new growth without patrimonial precautions have proliferated exponentially in the last three decades, largely due to the economic boom of a society of small agricultural owners supported by the industrialized monoculture of olive groves. In the detailed patrimonial analysis, the resulting realities are disparate.