El uso de nuevas herramientas gráficas en la intervención patrimonial.
La rehabilitación de las antiguas carnicerías reales del siglo XVI de Porcuna (Andalucía)

Year of publication: 2012

Publication / Magazine title: XI Congreso internacional de expresión gráfica aplicada a la edificación (Actas)

Type of publication: Lecture

Article author/s: Pablo M. Millán Millán

Publication author/s:

Editorial: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Language/s: Spanish

ISBN: 978-84-8363-964-1

Present-day heritage restoration entails a process by means of which construction, composition and organisation are systematically analysed. Such decomposition processes do not remain evident when the entities to be dealt with are the result of ongoing transformation and historical sedimentation. In order to carry out any approach to any of these alemjents or groups of elements, we are in needd of several tools. There is where theimportance of the graphic tools lies, adding a potential not yet discovered. The result is a contextualised project in both, form and discourse. Photogrammetry, wall and structure restoration, study of the existing bibliography, drawing of related and unrelated elements, 3D volumetry, stratification of archaeological graphic elements, etc, have combined aas a “unicum”to shape a working tool, personalised for this approach and determined by its requirements and needs.