Arquitectura y creatividad: buscando el laboratorio colectivo

Year of publication: 2010

Publication / Magazine title: Seminario de innovación investigación y transferencia en la ETSAS. (Actas)

Type of publication: Lecture

Article author/s: Pablo M. Millán Millán; Alfredo Rubio Díaz; Luz Fernández Valderrama; Amanda Martín Mariscal

Publication author/s:

Editorial: Ministerio de educación, subdirección general de documentación y publicaciones

Language/s: Spanish

ISBN: 978-84-937904-9-3

The This work belongs to the research line: “Creativity and Research: Creativity and Science. Research Methodologies. The Scientific Search for Creativity. Creation Technologies. Social Creativity and Draft” We have been working on this line since 2007 in the InGentes research group (TEP-238), and this project is being developed as a doctoral thesis. at the moment. We understand that we are in a moment where the challenges that the society should be collected by the Universities, conducting research aimed at offering the necessary tools to handle these new situations that are emerging. In this sense, the work on creativity, helping to create a creative identity in order to respond to contemporary challenges. So we are interested in collective creativity as new work model, because it makes no sense to continue working in environments where competitiveness predominates, since we will obtain more innovative results through the colaboration.